Sustainable Change



Last summer I completed an undergraduate degree I began in 1997.

Most of the time between leaving college and my recent graduation I wasn’t in class and I wasn’t completing coursework.   For the most part, I spent the large bulk of time sitting in fear about the unsurmountable amount of work it would take to complete a degree.  I finally met with an advisor who mapped out the work it would actually take and it was way worse than I had thought.

I would be in school for years completing night and online classes.

I was complaining to my sponsor that it didn’t even seem worthwhile to return to school because it would take too long to complete a degree.  She told me that the years would pass regardless if I was in school or not so why not try some classes?

When we focus on an end goal, especially our health, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the work required to achieve it.  It becomes too heavy.  We stay in the fear and avoid working on it.  Sometimes we don’t know how totackle it or we try to do too much at one time.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a new “diet” and radically changed the way I ate overnight.  The change wasn’t sustainable and I didn’t get the desired results.

Why not do one thing that gets you towards a health goal? 

I love to have clients start with increasing their water consumption.  It’s something that you can begin today and pretty instantly begin feeling the results! Most people don’t know they are dehydrated until they experience a few days of being properly hydrated.  The way I feel when I am hydrated is drastically different to when I am not.  I feel like two different people.

There are so many benefits of being hydrated.  For me, I stay hydrated because I feel better, most of all it reduces fatigue.  When I am properly hydrated, I don't get the afternoon slump.  I also feel more full and reduces cravings for me to snack on foods I don’t really want.



How much water do you need?  It totally depends on the day!  What have you been eating? Doing?  The rule of thumb I follow is to drink fluids until my pee is clear.  Most days thats around 8 cups of water a day.  

Non-caffeinated drinks count towards your liquid consumption.  Clients who don’t love the taste of water (they usually grow to enjoy it) flavor their water with fresh fruits to give it a kick and help them to get in the required fluids.

We don’t reach our health goals overnight.  The most sustainable change comes from simple shifts like an increase in water consumption.   The time will pass regardless of you working towards your goal or not, why not start doing one thing today for which your future self with thank you?


Usually hydrated and always thirsty,