Welcome to my blog.  I’m so excited to begin this blogging journey with you!  This blog will explore health and wellbeing. I have some unique experiences that have shaped my outlook on health—ones that stray from the conventional and cookie cutter messages.

It’s easy to focus on weight as the only aspect of being healthy.   The multi-billion dollar weight loss industry wants us to believe that if we can lose weight, we will be happy.  We’re told that if we can just eat less, we will lose weight.  Given this grossly inaccurate bill of sale, it’s no wonder we end up defeated, overweight, and unhappy.   We can’t win this game.  We don’t fail the diets, the diet fails us!

Here’s the rub, being skinny doesn’t make us happy.  If being skinny is all it took to be happy, no skinny person would ever be unhappy.  I’m sure you know a few unhappy skinny people.  You might even be one of them.

Maintaining our weight is only one aspect to health.

That’s what this blog is about, looking at our health holistically.  A holistic approach looks at the whole rather than one part of the whole.  When we look at our health in a holistic light, we see how everything we do, say, think,  feel and eat is interconnected and impacts our wellbeing.  

To be truly healthy we must look at it all.  We must explore our diet, our spirituality, our relationships, and our entire lifestyle.  

Because there are many facets to a truly healthy person, we can inspire a healthy lifestyle with any one of those facets.  We can start to meditate and that practice will set off a chain reaction and have all our life choices become congruent with those new beliefs.  There is no wrong way to inspire health.  

I found my healthy lifestyle through food. Once I started to eat well, I was able to explore the other areas of my lifestyle that were not healthy.  It was only when I began to nourish my body with wholesome and vibrant foods, I had enough clarity and energy to explore the areas of my life that were no longer serving me.

Once I began to heal, I couldn’t NOT share the things I was learning so I became a certified holistic health coach.  I am now doing what I was created to do.

Here’s to the start of a very good thing!

Be well,