You’re ready to overcome the blocks that have been holding you down and start living your life on YOUR terms. All you need is a little help along the way. 

Your life is waiting, and it’s right there for the taking. But instead of moving forward, you’re
- feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns
- frustrated at the fact that nothing you have tried ever seems to work
- not even sure how to start getting healthy, and overwhelmed with all the information out there

Stop stressing. Take a deep breath. I’m here to help you. 

As a certified health coach, I combine my years of education and experience with passion for helping others to create individualized programs to meet your specific needs and goals. I will help you identify areas for improvement and set goals, and stand by your side cheering for you as you change your life for the better! 

I offer open, non-judgmental coaching to help you break through the blocks that have been holding you back, and guide you on a path to achieving your health goals. With my help, you will find the strength to take control of your health and your mindset, and change your life. 

I’ll create a plan specifically for you, designed for your personal needs and desires. 

You won’tfeel alone anymore. What you WILL feel after working with me is enlightened, empowered, and in full control of your health. You’ll feel educated, and confident about how to make the most healthy choices for your body. You’ll feel comfortable with your story, and know that you are strong enough to turn even the most difficult situations into amazing growth opportunities.

And most importantly, you’ll feel supported, loved, and encouraged on your journey to discovering your best self. 

Learn how to break the chains of addiction to unhealthy foods and reprogram your eating habits in this one-month program. Together, we will explore what a lifestyle of healthy eating looks like (no, it’s not just kale and quinoa 24/7!), and how to bring that to life for you with foods you love that fuel your body properly! 


- Find hidden ingredients in “healthy” foods that are actually sabotaging your success
- Branch out in your diet and explore new and different foods in a supportive, educational environment
- Kickstart your journey to health and well-being


- Two 50-minute coaching calls
- Call notes with specific action steps
- An overview of a healthy diet based on your specific needs
- Email support
- Personalized meal plans
- Shopping lists to help you stay prepared and on track 

Investment: $349


In this six-month program, we’ll work closely together to identify what is holding you back, create a sustainable diet that helps your body function at its best, and change your lifestyle to one that makes you feel happy, healthy, and empowered. 


- Have more energy
- Understand what foods to eat and what to avoid to help your body thrive
- Feel more confident and comfortable with your body and health
- Be able to stop obsessing over food and weight
- Learn to give yourself grace for times when you may not make the most healthy choice
- Feel younger


- Two 50-minute coaching calls per month
- Assistance with strategic goal setting
- Specific action items designed to help you feel happier and healthier, and the accountability you need to make sure you complete them
- Email support
- Detailed call notes with specific action steps
- Meditation exercises
- Worksheets for you to complete to help you think through and internalize what you’re doing, and have an active role in your recovery

Investment: $1,999